There it is, that unmistakable scent; sweet, inviting, just a little skunky. It’s the smell of freedom, health and life.

Oh, and cannabis.

We’ll be talking a lot about that smell, as well as taste, effects, safety and many other important parts of consuming cannabis while I take you on my green journey.

21 months ago I went cannabis only. What does that mean? That means I chose to heal my body (and mind) using ONLY cannabis. No pharmaceuticals. None. Is it working? Why yes, yes it is. You can read my last article, it’s pretty fantastic. Grab your tissues though.

Is it working? Why yes, yes it is.

I went from severely underweight, in constant pain and on my deathbed to actually living a life! It’s not the life I expected, but it’s MY life.

This past winter my sister-in-law and I were walking around the block several times a week for exercise, bitch sessions and to pet other people’s pets. Yeah, we’re those kind of people.
An idea popped up to start going on hikes instead.

Not Mount Everest or anything but none the less, I could not do it. Aside from the challenging physical demand of hiking, there were numerous mental fears that ran through my head. What do I do when I have a sudden unexpected need to use the bathroom, and there is none? Will I make it back to a bathroom in time? Or will I be able to squat behind a bush? What do I do if I have an accident? Do I skip eating so I don’t have these bathroom issues? But then if I skip eating, will I have enough energy to hike? If my belly starts cramping will I be able to hike back? Will I have someone who could help me walk back or possibly carry me if I am unable to walk?
I mean I only walk near my house where I know I can get to a bathroom quickly if needed.

I am taking my 1st hike in years!

Fast forward 4 months later, in early June and I am taking my 1st hike in years! My fiance and I went on a camping trip at Lynx Lake in AZ. We took our 5th wheel trailer (a portable bathroom for me) and stayed at one of the camp sites. There is a day use area right around the lake that was about a 12 min walk from our campsite. The day use area has outdoor bathrooms/ outhouses…that meant I would be no more than 12 min from a bathroom in both directions.

So, with my fiance by my side for support, and someone to carry me if needed, we set out on my first hike in over 10 years. While it was not a long hike, it was a HUGE accomplishment for me! I have learned that as long as I have access to a bathroom I can truly start to live my life doing things I love…although slightly differently. And now, I am excited that I can take that hike with my sister-in-law over the 4th of July! (after we hot-box the 5th wheel, of course!)

I can’t give 100% of the credit to cannabis, it took total dedication to my health

I can’t give 100% of the credit to cannabis, it took total dedication to my health, but I couldn’t have done it without that skunky flower.

Whether you are seeking total health, total relaxation, or both, cannabis could be for you too.

But how do you start? (Hint: It’s easier than you think)

You start with getting your Medical Marijuana Card.

  1. Do you have records for a qualifying condition? (click for Arizona; scroll down to QP07. Otherwise check qualifying conditions in your state.)
    • If you answered Yes- Great! Grab those records and see #2
    • If you answered No- See #2
  2. Find a certification clinic. Call them up, if they are not too stoned, they will answer pretty quickly. Let them know right away if you do or do not have medical records for a qualifying condition. Many clinics have a doctor on site or a partnership with a doctor who can help you to create your qualifying medical records. They will help you schedule an appointment with that doctor.
  3. Schedule your appointment. Don’t forget this part, it’s important.
  4. Show up to your appointment, bring cash (and a credit card). As much as we wished and hoped, sadly we still can’t get the weed for free. You will pay approximately $225-$300 total.

    $150 goes to the state for the application and processing to get your card, the rest is up to the doctor and/ or clinic. You might want to ask about that when you call.

  5. Wait. It’s the hardest part and feels like forever, but typically it is around 10 days to get your card. You’ll hear from the state within 3-5 business days letting you know your status and your card usually shows up shortly after that.

Provided you have not chewed your fingernails to the bone while waiting, you’ll now be able to roll a fat joint legally!

Next month we’ll go over navigating the different dispensary styles in our update on My Green Journey. See you then!

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