Meet Molly

I’m Molly; a mom, a patient and a former educator turned healthy lifestyle and cannabis advocate.

I have Crohn’s disease. It has been a long and crazy journey that started with being told for years that nothing was wrong with me, then the diagnosis of Crohn’s disease at 30 years old and on to a regimen of traditional pharmaceuticals. That’s when my journey steered me on to the natural path I am on now.

No, I am not a doctor,  I am just an avid researcher looking for a way to heal myself after modern medicine failed. Failed to improve my health or my life. My desire is to share my knowledge and experience and to help others on their own journey to health; what ever their reason may be.

The Internet is of FULL of information on Crohn’s disease, Celiac’s disease and how to eat well naturally, I hope to be a starting point and guide for your own journey to good health.

Today, September 19, 2017 I have my own Cannaversary!

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