Just 3 months ago I had just left a very toxic environment and fully committed myself to starting the RSO protocol. I was unhealthy, and getting worse, I wasn’t healing, wasn’t gaining weight, depressed and headed for disaster really. I hadn’t come this far in my journey to be stopped now, so the next part of my journey was inevitable!

Is RSO Working?

As of April 1st I have been taking one full gram of RSO every day. Nothing else has changed, I still eat paleo, self care is still top priority, that’s my yoga, Reiki and meditation. Is the RSO working?

Hell Yes.

Spring is here and I am feeling great! I am continuing to see and feel improvements in my health: physically, mentally and emotionally. My weight has stabilized in a healthy range (a little low, but in the healthy range), no pain in belly or joints, decreased pain when I do go to the bathroom…although my bathroom trips are still frequent and unpredictable, but the pain is improving.

Living La Vida Loca

Living with my parents has been a trip. Both are retired and I am disabled. This means no one really has an agenda or places to be on a daily basis, no rushing around, no urgency and stress, so that is weird, but in a good way.

For example, I make plans to accomplish things on any given day but once I step out of my room I inevitably end up in a conversation with one or both of my parents and the next thing I know a couple hours have passed and I have not accomplished anything that I had planned to do and had to come up with a new game plan.. OR we spend a good part of the day playing a fun game of where’s my phone? My key? Glasses? Wallet? Can of soup for lunch?

Sorry mom and dad, but it is funny! Although every time I laugh about it my mom reminds me this is my gene pool and a snapshot of my future!


• Reduces Heart Disease
• Natural Pain Reliever
• Improves Breathing
• Helps Weight Management
• Improves Sleep
• Decreases Stress
• Look and Feel Younger

Laughter Truly Heals

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not really complaining…I really am enjoying the time with my parents. I forgot how much we just laugh!! Laughter is healing and laughter is part of my daily life again; something that has been lacking in my daily life since I moved out of my townhouse, my home, at the end of 2014 and started that long road of fuckery. I’m so happy and feeling so good I find myself singing along to the radio or pandora and on really good days I even find myself dancing and bopping around again!

There’s Energy!

You read the right, bopping and dancing! I still struggle with fatigue often but I have periods where I actually feel like I have some energy! I have had a few days where I feel good enough to walk Blue to the park down the road from my parents house. In fact depending on how much time Blue spends sniffing it takes about 20 min from my parents front door to the nearest toilet at the park.

These days, I find myself timing the distance between toilets or places a lot more, I am feeling better and hoping to be more social and active so I gotta know my timing between toilets, I mean places.

Meeting The World Again

As part of my goal to get out more and be more social I happily agreed to participate in a yoga class my friend Jennifer Miles of Cannakula teaches, this one was a “digestion dis-ease” yoga class. During this class I had the opportunity to share about how I manage my Crohn’s using natural approach which includes cannabis and a paleo template for my diet.

It was awesome! It felt so good to be sharing and “teaching” about what I am doing to manage my Crohn’s disease. I have made a few more of her Monday noon yoga classes at the Walter Art Gallery and I continue to work with Reiki Joe as well; and of course I am still using my 1:1’s as my main flower that I smoke.

However, I am finding that living with my parents (crazy kids), my daily smoking consumption has significantly decreased. I mean, I hardly smoke flower at all anymore. I’m not sure if it’s due to less stress, no longer having the underlying anxiety from an unhealthy alcoholic relationship, not living in a toxic environment or if my consumption is down due to RSO (1g or 1,000 mg of THC a day is a lot!). Maybe it’s a combination of the both, all of the above? Either way my need to smoke has decreased, I take that as a sign that my body and mind are getting healthier and happier.

In keeping with taking care of my mind, I am still attending al-anon meetings and the occasional open AA meetings continue to help me gain a better understanding of alcoholism and find compassion for the alcoholics in my life.

So to answer that question, is the RSO working? Clearly.

Every day I am stronger and am able to do more, enjoy more, live more. If you’re wondering if RSO can help you, I’d love to talk to you about it. Reach out to me on Mutherlyluv with any questions.

More to come…
In a couple weeks I will be making even bigger changes in my life to continue improving my health and happiness. Can’t stop! Won’t stop!

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