With summer time over, school back in session and the days still long, way too hot and busy, it’s time to step back into the real world and leave the salad days behind.

That means the potential for more stress; more stress means more visits to the bathroom. I know the drill. I’ll go from being relaxed and spending time with my family and friends, to being stressed and never seeing anyone but my dog (he likes to hang out in the bathroom with me). I’m not ready to stop having a good time yet. So, how do I combat those tough days? Self health, self care and Cannabis.

“I can’t be stoned all day, I have too much to do!”

One thing I hear from a lot of busy mom’s when we all talk about Cannabis is “I can’t be stoned all day, I have too much to do!”. And they’re right, you can’t always be stoned and be productive (did you know there are strains that invigorate and strains that relax too!?*), but you CAN be comfortable!

This is a fraction of what I need to maintain my health at the level it is now, but here is what my typical week looks like:

Using Cannabis and Adulting


I love my mornings! My body wakes me up between 5 and 6am, like clockwork…thanks pal. The upside to being up that early is I have some relaxing time to myself (and that goofy dog!). I cannot stress this enough, take time for yourself.

What to do with these gobs of spare time? That depends on what my body feels like doing usually. Blue and I will either be counting bathroom tiles, or I’ll be trying to keep his tail (dog butt) out of my face while I do my yoga.

Have I mentioned I spend a lot of time with my dog?

Here’s a little tip… Yoga Apps and YouTube!
I don’t have the time to do the gym, and my body might betray me as I’m contorting, some things are best done at home. Heh.

I have found for me, using a really high CBD with a small amount of THC or a 1:1 strain (1:1 means equal parts CBD and THC) gives my body the relaxation and relief that will allow my mind to be present and clear, able to meditate and do yoga instead of focussing on the pain and discomfort. For those of you who haven’t tried CBD yet, the best way I can explain it is your body takes a big sigh of relief. You do not have to use THC with CBD for it to be effective, but here is an article that explains how they work together.
I also enjoy a cup of hot water with honey and lemon in the morning. For people who don’t feel comfortable smoking Cannabis, this is a great way to consume as an edible! In fact, CBD and Honey work very well together. You can find CBD infused honey in several dispensaries, or you can even make your own if you have access to the right material. I don’t use them, because of my dietary needs, but I have seen infused teas, sweeteners and syrups that can be used easily in drinks.

Brain meet body, Body meet Brain.

Once a week I make sure to take care of my mind and body. On Tuesdays I do my reiki, this puts me in a very deeply relaxed mode, relaxation means less stress, less stress means less trips to the bathroom. See where I’m going with this? (Sorry Blue). That relaxation allows my mind to focus clearly. I go see Certified Medical Reiki Master, Joe Tubulino at Hyr Vibrations.
During the early summer I backed that up with Restorative Yoga. Sorry, no baby goats here, this is the real deal. Restorative Yoga is a physical and emotional experience, and Jennifer takes the time to make sure I am comfortable and educates me on how each pose helps my body and mind heal. Jennifer is the owner of Cannakula. I can’t wait until I can adjust my schedule and add visits with her back into my routine.
Because I want my mind to be clear and focussed during these sessions, again I use a high CBD or 1:1.

Yep. I sure do love my CBD. THC, and all of the other cannabinoids not mentioned here, are just as important to my mind and body health too, so I make sure I incorporate that into my other routines as well.


I top each night off with a high THC strain, mixed with a little CBD right before bed. This relaxes me and helps me get a full night of sleep and feel rested in the morning.

Those weekly walks with my bestie/future sis-in-law; well it’s hard to walk on the surface of the sun, so those walking bitch sessions now happen in the air conditioning and holding very still, safety first! Hah! And spoiled Blue gets all our love now. One time he got more than he bargained for when he got too curious about our cannabis, but thankfully we had some Undoo packets! Just two little pills containing a formulated mix of Vitamin E, Olive Oil, and Olivetol in each packet, lots of water and lots of love and Blue came back around soon enough.

What’s Undoo? It’s a wonderful thing to have on hand if you consume Cannabis. You can read all about how it works and the great people who developed it right here.

Yeah, there’s definitely some THC involved in those meetings. We’re pretty sure we get our best work done when we’re laughing so hard we pee our pants. The dog however, he thinks we’re crazy since his OTOT(over-toke)
When you inhale too much smoke and cough uncontrollably, also known as being over served an edible.

“But wait, I thought Cannabis was medicine!”

It is, and it’s okay to feel good taking it. No one said medicine had to make you feel bad or have equally bad side effects. The added benefit of laughing, loving and being happy is endorphins, peace of mind and relieving stress. We covered what less stress means earlier right? Do you know how many squares are on a roll of toilet paper? I do.

Along with adding visits to Jen back into the week, I’m making some adjustments to my diet. Because I know the stress will be building I’m planning ahead in my diet to help me control the inflammation (hopefully). I’ll be adding Bone Broth into my diet, one cup daily. I just drink it, although that’s not the favorite way for most people to ingest it, for me that’s the easiest. If you’d like to try using it in meals, here are a couple recipes that I swap out the chicken stock for bone broth. Adding Tumeric and black pepper also helps with inflammation. Tumeric is anti-inflammatory and black pepper increases the bioavailabilityBioavailability is the degree to which food nutrients are available for absorption and utilization in the body. of turmeric.

One day at a time…

That’s my week with cannabis in a nutshell. Mixed in there are my daily errands, chores, family time, helping with homework, cooking, shopping, etc., you can see it’s not too hard to incorporate Cannabis in your weekly or daily routines. You may not want to be as structured with your cannabis use, you may want to use it in different ways/times, but I have found that when you do work it into a regular schedule you get the added benefit of being able to more accurately monitor your dosage, the amount you consume. This ensures consistency, in return you get a more reliable result.

Learning how to work it into your daily life can take some practice and sometimes you need guidance. My sister in-law and I are working on some exciting things over here, one of those is providing a service to help others learn how to incorporate Cannabis into their lifestyle. We will be officially introducing MutherlyLuv, Canna Guides next month! If you feel like you’re at the point where you need more in depth information about how to make cannabis work with your routine, *for example, which strains will make all that vacuuming fun (okay, not fun, but tolerable), let us know. We love to help! You can read more about that here if you’re curious.

Cannabis and Adulting, the myth that cannabis users are lazy, stoned all day and never get anything done is busted. Cannabis users are working women, mothers, athletes and everyone in between. Be you…a healthier, more comfortable and happier version. It’s all about finding the combination and routine that works best for you.

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