Wow! The last 2 months have flown by…but hey that’s what happens when you’re busy healing, learning, growing and being happy! I am having fun and enjoying my new healthier environment.

As of 3/22 I am 47 days into following the Rick Simpson protocol and feeling GREAT!

Currently l am taking 0.8g oil per day. I have gained a total of 7.5 lbs, my knees now touch when I stand with my legs together (no more ankle to crotch thigh gap), the ulcers and blemishes on my face are clearing up, my night sweats have stopped, I have had a few times of being hungry without smoking first, there are noticeable changes in my er, um…BM’s that are positive and I will spare ya the details, but trust me things are improving though still frequent and unpredictable.

I increase my dose of RSO each week. The first couple days of the increase I am really sleepy, but as the week goes on I get less and less sleepy. I don’t’ feel “high” or “stoned”, I can function and get through the day, I am just a little sleepy…like I need another 20min of sleep or another cup of coffee, really not much different when I started my Shona Banda Pills.

Put your big girl pants on!

I mentioned in my last update that I am wearing little girls jeans, ya know the ones with adjustable elastic waist? Any way, I only have one more button hole to adjust before I run out and am back in my big girls pants! There are other positive signs that I am healing too, but they are harder to explain…overall I just feel better, lighter, happier, it’s hard to put into words.
As for the fun, at the end of January I saw Badfish (Sublime tribute band) with some friends for my birthday. I went to see the movie “The Upside” with my daughter…in the theater!!! I have not been to a movie in a movie theater in over two years!

My friend Jennifer, from Cannakula, teaches a yoga Nidra class on Mondays at Walter Art Gallery and I have been able to attend a couple of those sessions. Jen is aware of my digestive issues and needs; she always makes me feel comfortable…plus there is a bathroom nearby so if I have to run I can and Jen totally understands!

As I started my RSO/ Rick Simpson protocol, I was blessed to be able to complete 5 back to back sessions with Reiki Joe and Jennifer over 5 weeks…it was Awesome! Relaxing, releasing and assisted with my heal; reaching my parasympathetic system to get to that deep healing physically and emotionally. The combination of the 2, Reiki and yoga, also helps to move trapped energy/ emotions to further my healing. (heads-up, here comes a plug for a business that has touched my heart!)

“Want to grab a bite?”

After one of our sessions, Reiki Joe took me to check out a restaurant; Intentional Foods Cafe and Marketplace located in Mesa, Az. Joe knows the owners and also knows my struggles with dining out and he thought that I could find something to eat at here or at least the owners would work with me to create something I could eat…and Joe was right!

As I was looking over the menu, I asked Lisa (one of the owners) about what the ingredients were in one of the sauces and she pulled out a binder. This binder listed all the menu items with specific ingredients…it was awesome!!! Intentional Foods avoids the top 8 allergens (No nuts, dairy, eggs, wheat, gluten, seafood, soy, and sesame). Lisa worked with me to create a dish that met all my dietary needs and was DELICIOUS!!! All restaurants should have this kind of customer service, I can’t wait to go back to eat there again!

Home away from Home

I have had the opportunity to spend quite some time up in the mountains of northern Az. My cousin and her daughter that is still attending NAU have an apartment in Flagstaff. I have been able to make the trip up to visit and stay a couple times…the last time was for 10 days!! My cousin’s have a 2 bed/ 2 bath apartment so that means I have access to a bathroom and a full kitchen!! It’s a mini vacations with all the comforts of home!

Flagstaff has all my favorite stores; sprouts, wholefoods, natural grocers, fry’s and petsmart for my boy Blue. The 2-2.5 hour drive is a challenge so I usually skip eating either all day or most of the day, depending on what time we leave on travel days. Flagstaff also has a couple of dispensaries so I can get my meds when I need. I have been sticking with 1:1’s in the mornings. If you’ve missed some of my earlier articles explaining this, 1:1’s are strains of Cannabis that are equal (or VERY close to equal) parts THC to CBD, creating a very balanced effect for both mind and body.

I want to be present mentally and feel good physically

Starting my day with 1:1’s I get a good dose of cbd first thing. I like the high cbd before yoga, meditation and walking my boy Blue…plus walking in the woods among all the pine trees is good for you physically and mentally. Pine trees have lots of pinene…a terpene that helps reduce inflammation. Using high cbd, I get the body relief I need without the mental high. I want to be present mentally and feel good physically during yoga and meditation; I want to sit with, feel, work through my emotions…good, bad, indifferent. And 1:1’s allow me to do just that…feel good, drop into relaxation and still be present for yoga and meditation.

I have been amazed at what I have been able to do when I am truly safe and supported in a healthy environment.
If you would like help making changes in your life, reach out to me through mutherlyluv.

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